Family Stories

“I felt pampered.”

“I barely had a chance to time my contractions before I had to go to the hospital. I went to an LDRP room, and the nurses were just great. The same group saw me all the way through until I was discharged, and they felt like family. The room was comfortable; when my family and friends came it was like being at home. If I needed anything, or just wanted something, they were right there. Childbirth is so tiring, and the staff at The Birthing Center understands. I looked forward to taking my baby home—and I wanted to take my nurses, too!”

Mother: Jessica Bowser, Roanoke Rapids
Son: Jabari

“I compared hospitals.”

“I really liked the LDRP room, where I didn’t have to move from place to place every few hours. I was surprised, actually, that only The Birthing Center at Halifax Regional offered them. They also allowed rooming in, which I felt strongly about. I talked to women who had their babies there, and they were all very positive about their experiences. So in the end, it was an easy decision for me. The really cool thing was that The Birthing Center actually exceeded my expectations. There’s just a special spirit there. I can’t explain it. But I certainly could feel it.”

Mother: Christy Thacker, Jackson
Son: Justice

“The nurses made me comfortable.”

“It was nice to stay in one room for labor, delivery, and recovery. The room was big enough for family to enjoy when they came to visit, and the nursing staff was always there whenever my daughter Cadence or I needed anything. There was a refrigerator in the room, which was nice. And the food was better than we expected. They catered to me. They were concerned about me and met all my needs. The short drive was more than worth it.”

Mother: Jami Elliott, Emporia
Daughter: Cadence

“It was a wonderful experience.”

“The entire staff was terrific. They were attentive and answered all my questions. If I decide to have another baby, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I would absolutely recommend The Birthing Center to my friends.”

Mother: Sarah Boone, Roanoke Rapids
Son: Avery

“The room was big enough for family when they came to visit.”
Jami ElliottEmporia

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